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Private Tour Guides

There are some excellent private tour guides available in the Kerry area.


Kerry Folk Tours

Kerry Folk Tours

A unique day tour based on the locations and stories found in “Kerry Folk Tales” by Luke Eastwood & Gary Branigan. The tour starts in Killarney, taking you to some of the most exciting and lesser-known sites in Kerry. The tour is guided by an expert on folklore, Druids and mythology and at the end of the tour our guests will meet one of the authors and/or the illustrator for a complementary signed copy, afternoon tea and chat.

This is a truly unique experience, created from a love of Kerry and its rich history and culture.


Tel: +353 86 311 9660
Email: contact@kerryfolktours.com
Facebook: Kerry Folk Tours

Kerry Folk Tales

Kerry Folk Tales

The Kerry Folk Tales Book – A collection of folk tales from across Kerry, Ireland. It is based on mythology, history, local story tellers, children’s oral collections and long out-of-print books on the area. Over a year of research by authors Luke Eastwood and Gary Branigan culminated in this book which is beautifully illustrated by artist Elena Danaan.

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