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It is impossible to write here. Beautiful visions crowd on the mind too rapidly to record . . . Oh Killarney! thou art the most delightful provoking place that I ever visited.’ Lady Chatterton: Rambles in the South of Ireland, 1839.

Killarney (Cill Airne, The Church of the Sloes) is Ireland’s best-known tourist destination and probably the most written-about place in the land. And with good reason, for its combination of epic mountains, sparkling lakes, and ancient forests is without equal. That natural wonderland harbours a rare diversity of flora and fauna both indigenous and introduced. Add to all that a tradition of hospitality and a great many superb hotels and hostelries and you have a very special location indeed.

Killarney town is colourful with craft shops, galleries, museums, cafés, and restaurants. It also has a highly developed range of guided tours — including the traditional, horse-drawn jaunting cars. There is famous fishing on the lakes and rivers; there are several great golf-courses; there are ancient heritage sites; there is touring in the vast National Park; there is rambling on the hills; and there is the warm friendship and talkative company of the natives. Sure where else would you be going!

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