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Lomanagh Loop Walk Sneem

Length: 14 km/9 mi, allow 4.5-5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Terrain: Mostly sealed minor roads, some boggy patches and hillside
Gear: Comfortable walking shoes/boots, raingear, mobile phone, snacks and fluids
Ascent: N/A
When to go: All year round
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Family Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: No
Stopping Points: No set points but some interesting things to see are listed in description below.
Nearest Services: Sneem
Car Parking: Available in the North Square of Sneem village.
Ordnance Survey Map No: 84

Disclaimer: Gems Publishing Ltd. do not accept responsibility for injury, loss or inconvenience caused while walking these trails. Common sense should prevail at all times.

Sneem Lomanagh Loop Walk

Before you start: The village of Sneem is located on the N70 ring of Kerry road between Caherdaniel and Kenmare. Park in the North Square of the village and find the signposts for the Fermoyle walking loop in front of the Charles De Gaulle sculpture. Follow the white arrow along the minor road out of the village to begin on the Lomanagh Loop Walk.

History to know: South Kerry has been identified as one of the most significant geological areas in Europe due to its abundance of geological and historical features. In order to translate the significance of the landscape to visitors, the communities of South Kerry have, for a number of years, been developing the region as a Kerry Geopark. The colourful town of Sneem, which is steeped in history, is best appreciated by exploring the surrounding hills. It is waymarked throughout (white walking man symbol) and takes in features such as a standing stone, rock art, fullacht fia (ceremonial cooking site) and a cillin (unconsecrated graveyard).

A to B: Beginning in the North Square, following the white arrows, the route leads out towards the GAA sports field (for Gaelic games) where the left hand fork will take you along a tarmac minor road.

B to C: For the next kilometre, the road runs parallel to the Sneem River across glacial deposits which are now farmland. You should really stop at an appropriate vantage point and take in this incredible view. The increasing roughness of the landscape embraces the geological history of the GeoPark; old red sandstone rocks titled steeply and now form the mountain range, broken rocky country once covered by glacial ice and the relatively smooth land you are now standing on – formed by material deposited by melting glaciers.

C to D: The route now forks right and you cross the Lomanagh Bridge. Continue walking northwards. Ahead can be seen the rising rocky ground and behind this the mountains, including Knocknagantee – looking out for the waterfall racing in white floods down it’s slopes after heavy rains. After about 1.5 kms look left in the middle distance for Droumtine Standing Stone. This single stone is 4.4 m high and believed to be of late Bronze age construction.

D to E: Upon reaching a small group of houses the tarmac road ends and a gate leads to a farmyard. Proceed to the other side of the farmyard and pick up a green route leading to the hillside. Look for the small footbridge across a stream while following the white arrows on low stone posts. Continue gradually downhill to a metal footbridge across the Sneem River. Just before the final rise to the next group of farmhouses, a short detour to the right, along a grassy laneway leads to a Cillin (ancient unofficial graveyard) which is on the site of a Celtic Fullacht Fia (communal, ceremonial cooking site).Then, continue with due care, past the farmhouses and follow the minor road to the town land of Tullakeel.

E back to A: The route now crosses the neighbouring townlands of Ardsheelhane, Maugallane, Inchinaleega and back to Sneem. These ancient Gaelic townlands names describe the land holdings and are still in use to this day. Note the turf cutting in the valley of the Sneem River, to the right and also in the valley of the Ardsheelhane River to the left. Turf is still used as winter fuel for heating. Continue down over the small bridge, past the graveyard and back to Sneem village. Be sure to enjoy the hospitality of Sneem before you collect your car!

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